Walking and bicycle paths

Situated in the surrounding forests and fields are fine places for family leisure. Some of them run through the top of the seaside cliffs providing unforgiven sights to the tourists.
There are lots of prepared paths around Ustka designed for both, walking and cycling. Most popoular destinations for walking trips are Orzechowo (a small village near Ustka) and the so called „third pier” on the Western beach – both sites are about 3,5 km (2 miles) away from „Fregata”.
Most popular cycling paths are the so called „Rolled-up railway track” (about 18km = 11 miles one way) and st. Jakob’s path from Ustka to Słupsk (about 21km = 13miles one way). You will find some of the walking and cycling paths on the map. You’re welcome to contact the owners of „Fregata” for further information and advice.