The artificial reef

An innovative project realized in 2014 and 2015 aimed at building of underwater bars and habitats on the lenght of 1km (0.7 mile) along the beach, 200 meters (650 ft) away into the sea. 8 wooden carinas complement the construction creating a set of breakwaters transverse to the beach. The investment is intended to protect our beach and prevent coastal erosion. In effect, we expect to have a nice and broad beach, not subject to destructive influence of wind and water. And apart from the main issue, Ustka was given a new attraction – an interesting spot for diving and snorkeling adventures.
The reef begins exactly by the entrance to the beach nearest to „Fregata” and extends to the East. And so „Fregata” became an ideal base camp for both: exploring the reef and lazy san-bathing on the beach.