The historic lighthouse

Usituated near the begining of the boardwalk, at the base of the harbour pier. In 1871, nearby the harbour’s admiralty station, a mast with a an oil lamp was constructed. It shone with a red light and was visible at a distance of 6 nautical miles. In 1892 a new 2-store „pilots’ station” was built. It was constructed of brick and had an octagonal tower ended with a „white lantern”. The Ustka Lighthouse did not experience any damage during World War II and made it till now in its original shape. In 1993 it was oficially registered as a listed building. Nowdays, 2 bulbs (1000W power) and a Fresnel lens are the source of light for the lighthouse. In Ustka, they work in a 6-seconds cycle: 4 seconds glow and 2 seconds break. It is visible from the sea from a distance of 18 nautical miles. The tower of the lighthouse is 18,5m tall (60ft) and the source of light is on the height of 22,5m (70ft).