The harbour and the pier

Are the inseparable parts of Ustka’s landscape strongly contributing to its marine complexion. Sizable stony breakwaters (the eastern and western mole) are not only parts of harbour infrastructure but also a comvinient destination for family walks with very attractive observation decks on the ends. The moles were raised to their present shape on the cusp of 19th and 20th century. Befor that, the entrance to the harbour was very narrow and the brakwaters were made of wooden chests filled with stones. The mood of the harbour those days was created by numerous taverns – there were 6 of them at the end of 18th century, which was plenty considering that Ustka counted only 50 citizens! An additional attraction is a foldaway catwalk, described in details below.

The harbour has been the heart of the settlement from the very medieval ages. The surrounding area has been succesively developed giving occupation and homes to an increasing number of citizens. The very harbour has been modernized and enlarged as well. The last huge project resulting in creation of a new harbourside basin for fishboats had just ended in 2015. Among the harbour buildings there are some worth mentioning due to their historical value. First is a house with 2 little towers which has been the customs house since the cusp of 19th and 20th century. The other one is a building made of red brick on Zaruskiego Street, which once was a harbour garner. It was used for storing of grain sent from Ustka on sailing ships to Scandinavia, England and Western Germany.