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Welcome to „Fregata” in Ustka, Poland!

We invite you to spend an awesome, relaxing time at our beachside guesthouse!


"Fregata" - separated from the sea only by a narrow green belt

„Fregata” is located in the most beautiful corner of Ustka, right in the middle of the polish baltic coast. It is placed in a nice and quiet neighbourhood, but also only 60 yards away from a vibrant seafront, always busy with lots of attractions.

It's only a narrow lane of park greenery that separates us from the beach and sea shore. It extends to the east passing into the near forest and forming a nice, green embedment for our place. In front of "Fregata" there is a walking and bicycle path leading to the forest and giving birth to a bunch of picturesque bikeways nad walking routes. Also, in the neighbouring park, parents and youngsters will find plenty of lanes and a decent-sized external playground illuminated at night. It is located on the slope of a seaside dune and is a perfect place for outwearing the indefatigable energy of the kids. In the meantime, the adults may excercise on a bunch of workout devices installed on the dune around.

"Fregata" - a view from the Chopin Street

"Fregata" was raised and is still developed as a reult of great passion and commitment of the owners, who donated their hearts to the town, the sea and the Haven itself. Each year it is successively improved and beautified for your convenience and satisfaction.

In our guesthouse you will find 13 cheerful rooms with bathrooms, TV-sets, small refrigerators, beach sets and multiple conveniences for children. Continue to the next paragraph and learn more about "Fregata, its facilities and our offer...


"Fregata" - a view from a balcony

Each of the 13 bright rooms at "Fregata" Haven has its own tidy bathroom and is equiped with a LCD TV-set with a good selection of cable-television programmes, beach equipment (a windbreak and a lawn chair), a cordless kettle, a small fridge and a set of dishes and cutlery. Our guests have a free access to WiFi internet, availble in the whole building. On fair-sized balconies you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while listening to the cries of seagulls accompained by the relaxing music of waves braking against the sandy beach. Snow-white bedding is washed and calendered by a professional laundry. In high season (June through September), the rooms are cleaned everyday by a maid. We also have an ironing set, a microwave oven, a bunch of extra dishes and pots and the whole lot of Nordic-Walking sticks available for our guests.

The pirate playground in a lobby In the lobby, there is a pirate playground for kids. It is an irreplaceable alternative to sunbathing on the beach for the rainy days. Youngsters will find there a swing, a climbing rope, a table with small chairs for arts and crafts, building blocks, board games, mascots and a steering wheel. While the little pirates are lost in the play with their peers, the big pirates can enjoy a few moments of real relax. Ouside, there also is a 2-meter wide trampoline of a known american brand FunFit, a wooden box with shovels, rakes, buckets, casts and other beach toys and a swinging bench for spending a lazy time with the parents.

From the captain of "Fregata" you can borrow for free board games and puzzles, and for the additional 10 zloties/day - a "Midget Combo", which can let you save some space in a car or even come down to Ustka by bus or train. The "Midget Combo"

It consists of:

  • a foldout touristic cot with calendared kiddie bedding,
  • a highchair,
  • a set of kiddie dishes and cutlery,
  • a step-stool,
  • a children's potty,
  • a baby bath.

"Fregata" - one of the rooms

There is no smoking in our guesthouse that makes it a nice family place, where you can fully enjoy the unforgiven scent of fresh marine air - clean and free of smoke and other pollution. We have a free, supervised parking lot on the outskirts of Ustka at our guests' disposal. At your will, if we are preinformed by telephone, we can also store your bikes in a backroom.

There are 2, 3 and 4-person rooms in „Fregata” Haven. The prices depend on the lenght of stay, the number of persons in a room and the season.
After the summer it is possible to rent a double room by a single person for an affordable price. Please give us a call or use a contact form to obtain a detailed pricing of your stay.

On the bottom tier of the building, there is a restaurant with fresh, domestic food - open from 8am to 10pm during the summer season.

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